Privacy Policy

This Web site is provided by Retail Council of Canada (“RCC”), subject to the following privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”). BY USING THIS WEB SITE, YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THE PRIVACY POLICY.

RCC may change the Privacy Policy from time to time. 如果您在隐私政策发生任何变化后继续使用本网站,即表示您接受修改后的隐私政策.


Type of Information Collected

RCC may collect from and use information about the users of this Web site. This information falls into a number of different categories:

  • When a user fills in an electronic form on the Web site, RCC may collect a user’s 的名字, position, business address, telephone number, fax number, 处理货物和服务订单所需的商务电子邮件和财务信息(包括信用卡信息).
  • 用户可以在完成注册或下单时向RCC提供个人身份信息(“个人信息”). Unless a user provides the minimum information noted on RCC’s Web site, the user may be unable to complete transactions.
  • RCC可以收集通过电子邮件与RCC通信的用户以及希望从RCC接收信息的用户的电子邮件地址, such as member notices, RCC’s electronic newsletters, 等.
  • RCC可以收集用户自愿提供的业务信息,用于调查信息等用途. 这些信息由RCC保密,未经参与者的明确同意,不得用于调查目的之外的任何目的. RCC可能会使用或公开聚合或匿名的调查结果,这些调查结果不能识别个人用户.
  • The RCC Web site may use “Cookies”, which are small data files that are placed on an individual user’s computer. Cookie识别您的浏览器,而不是您的个人信息,如您的姓名.
  • RCC网站自动收集某些用户信息,这些信息通常是由互联网服务器记录的, 包括互联网协议地址(“IP地址”),用户通过该地址访问互联网, the date and time of access, 以及用户连接到本网站的网站的互联网地址(“用户IP信息”).


How Information is Used


  • RCC只能将通过本网站收集的个人信息用于本隐私政策所述的目的,或用于在收集个人信息时披露的其他目的. RCC uses Personal Information when users order goods and services from RCC.
  • RCC may use contact information (i.e. 的名字, job title, business address, telephone number, fax number, and business e-mail) to inform users on a periodic basis by electronic newsletters, correspondence, phone calls, faxes and e-mails about industry issues, 事件, products and services of interest to your business. Members may also receive from time to time, phone calls, 来自RCC附属行业协会的信件或电子邮件以及与RCC有关的提供有关行业问题信息的选择赞助者, 事件, products and services of interest to your business.
  • The RCC Web site may use Cookies to monitor Web site usage, measure aggregate user traffic and demographic statistics such as number of users, average time spent, and similar statistics. 任何用户都可以通过其Web浏览器设置在任何时候拒绝接收cookie.
  • 用户IP信息可用于衡量访问本网站不同部分的访问者数量, and to help make the RCC Web site more useful to users.
  • RCC可以使用RCC网站上或通过RCC网站收集的用户IP信息或Cookie信息来改进网站的设计和内容. 用户IP信息和Cookie信息也可能用于统计目的或评估网站的哪些部分比其他部分更受欢迎, determine where visitors came from, and where they go within the Web site, and how long visitors stay on a particular page, or on the Web site in general.
  • In certain limited circumstances, RCC may be required or permitted by law to disclose Personal Information, such as to the police in the course of a criminal investigation.


How Your Information is Protected

RCC使用商业上合理的步骤来保护它收集的关于用户的任何个人信息不受未经授权的访问, deletion or alteration, 但, as with any communication of information over the Internet, 存在数据被第三方拦截或干扰的风险. 如果用户的个人信息被第三方拦截或干扰,RCC将不承担任何责任. Users should take precautions to ensure that others do not access their Personal Information; such precautions include the use of passwords and encryption and turning off the computer when finished using it.

RCC treats all information collected on our Web site as securely as possible. RCC’s Web site uses SSL or “Secure Sockets Layer”, an industry-standard security protocol, to process credit card transactions for the purpose of 事件 registration, membership registration, and magazine subscriptions. When users connect with RCC’s secure server, the communication between the browser and the secure server is encrypted.

尽管RCC使用了商业上合理的措施来防止未经授权的信息泄露, RCC不能保证它所收集的信息不会以与本隐私政策不一致的方式被披露.


Transferring of Personal Information

RCC可以使用第三方来提供与RCC网站相关的服务或功能. As a result, Personal Information may be transferred to one or more third parties, 例如用于处理与这些服务或功能相关的数据处理器或履行机构. RCC将确保任何该等第三方不会为自己的目的使用该等个人信息,并确保该等个人信息受到RCC所使用的相同标准的保护.


Sharing of 联系 Information

RCC可以与其附属行业协会共享联系信息,以便用户了解行业问题, 事件, products and services of interest to your business. 联系 information that is limited to 的名字, job title, 商业地址和电话号码也可以与RCC活动的选定赞助商共享. 联系 fax numbers and e-mail addresses will not be provided to sponsors.


Access to Personal Information

Upon request, RCC将向个人提供关于他或她的任何个人信息的详细信息, which RCC has in its possession or control. RCC can be contacted at or by mail to Retail Council of Canada, 1881 Yonge Street, Suite 800, Toronto, ON M4S 3C4 Attention: Privacy Officer.


Opting Out and Correcting Your Information

如果您想从RCC的电子参与名单中删除您的名字,请通过以下方式与我们联系 or by mail to Retail Council of Canada, 1881 Yonge Street, Suite 800, Toronto, 注意:私隐专员或根据我们的电子通讯和电子邮件中的“取消订阅”指示.

如欲更正我们所提供的有关阁下的资料,请与我们联络 or by mail to Retail Council of Canada, 1881 Yonge Street, Suite 800, Toronto, ON M4S 3C4 Attention: Privacy Officer.


Collection of Information by Third Parties

本网站可能包含由第三方运营的网站的链接,这些第三方的信息和隐私实践可能与RCC不同. These links are provided solely for convenience. Users should consult the privacy notices on such other sites. RCC may have no control over any information that is submitted to, or collected by, 不负责任何此类第三方网站的内容. 访问和查看任何此类第三方网站的风险由用户自己承担.

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